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Aetna Urgent Care Woodland Hills

The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is ready to be your partner for any urgent medical problem.  Based in the Los Angeles County and Woodland Hills area, we are passionate about reversing the conditions of any sudden medical concern.  We accept patients insured by a number of insurances, including Aetna.

Aetna works provides exceptional benefits to help patients augment their medical care.  As an insured patient, you can receive resources to help manage accrued expenses from healthcare.  Additional benefits of Aetna include consistent customer service support, treatments for diseases, and continuous access to ER care at selected hospitals.

You also have the option of using additional plans through the Aetna Planshopper, where additional benefits are available.  These include mobile data transfer of your health records and a 24-hour emergency health line.

At the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic, we are dedicated to providing rewarding care to patients whether or not they are supported by Aetna.   The highest priority at our clinic is ensuring your urgent needs are addressed and your wellbeing is satisfied.  If you receive care at our clinic as an Aetna patient, you can enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

If you need prompt medical attention for an urgent situation, please call or visit our walk-in clinic.  We will provide the most profound and compassionate care to restore your condition.   

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