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Blue Cross
Blue Cross

Blue Cross Urgent Care Woodland Hills

One of the largest urgent care providers in the San Fernando Valley area, the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic delivers comprehensive care to patients affected by various medical concerns.  Our clinic is passionate about making urgent care possible for numerous patients.   We accept numerous types of insurance to make this goal possible, and Blue Cross is one of them.

Blue Cross provides numerous benefits to those covered by the plan.  To qualify, you must be contracted with Medicare.  As an insured patient, you can enjoy an HMO plan that will cover expenses obtained from hospital and medical care services.

The Blue Cross plan also allows you to receive emergency care from University medical centers.  Some of the campus locations you have access to include the UC Schools.  The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic also cooperates with health insurance firms to augment your financial healthcare plan.  

As a Blue Cross patient, you can receive coverage on a number of treatments at our office.  These include treatments and services such as pink eye, spider bites, cardiology, TB testing, flu shots, etc.  Our services are available on a walk-in basis.

Please call or visit our office and enjoy comprehensive urgent care as a Blue Cross patient. 

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