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Blue Shield
Blue Shield

Blue Shield Urgent Care Woodland Hills

At the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic, we are proud to deliver world class urgent care to patients around the Tarzana and San Fernando Valley area.   We are committed to making urgent care available to each patient we see.  Our Blue Shield patients can enjoy profound care while receiving extensive financial benefits.   Blue Shield is among the insurances we accept and it is versatile option for numerous patients with varying financial needs.

Blue Shield is composed of multiple supplemental plans that are available to covered patients.  These plans are specialized to meet the needs of various patients.  Those who are new to Medicare can enroll in a discount program to lower monthly rates and obtain over $15 a month in savings. 

Blue Shield offers select benefits through their numerous supplemental plans, which include Plan A, Plan F, Plan, C, and more.  Patients receive a basic coverage package when they enroll with Plan A.  This plan includes copayments and coinsurances from medical care services.  Plan C offers to cover deductibles from Medicare Part A and B along with skilled nursing care, foreign travel, coinsurance, and copayments.

One of the more popular choices for patients, Plan F is distinctly noted for their coverage of deductibles from Medicare Part A and B.  The plan also provides additional coverage for copayments, coinsurance, skilled nursing care, travel emergencies, and excess charges from Medicare Part B.

The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is dedicated to ensuring your medical experience is unhindered by complex financial issues.  If you are experiencing a medical situation that requires urgent attention, please contact or visit us for effective care. 

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