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Emergency Room
We Offer Emergency Room Alternatives for Urgent Medical Situations

Emergency Room Alternative

When an urgent medical problem occurs, prompt care is what you should receive. The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is focused on providing the care you need at the most critical time. We specialize in delivering phenomenal care through services such as pediatrics, family care, vaccinations, pediatrics, musculoskeletal medicine, and medical exams.

If you need immediate attention, we can provide you with urgent care with no appointment necessary. Our clinic in Woodland Hills is focused on delivering the most outstanding and dedicated medical assistance to patients who urgently need them. We invest in the most up-to-date technology and materials to create an all-encompassing level of medical care.

At the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic, there is no need to be stuck in a waiting room to receive the treatments you need. Dr. Mirshojae treats a number of problems, which include fractures, spider bites, urinary tract infections, sprains, minor cuts, or sore throats.

If minor and sudden medical problems arise, effective urgent care can be an excellent option in treating these issues while saving you time and money. For the most comprehensive and prompt medical attention, our team can meet your expectations.

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