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Insurance and Financing
The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic Accepts Insurance and Financing

Insurance and Financing

At the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic, our urgent care providers are accepting of various forms of insurance and payment options. We place the highest priority on ensuring your medical needs are met without any financial complications. Some of the insurances plans we accept include Blue Shield, Health Net, and Blue Cross. We also accept alternative financing plans such as worker’s compensation and Medicare insurance. 

Our exceptional team wants you to enjoy the best of urgent medical care from the most credentialed professionals in the field. We provide medical assistance on a walk-in basis, this means you do not have to use up your valuable time to schedule an appointment. 

Financing your care through worker’s compensation at the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is a simple process. If you believe any injury sustained while on the job makes you eligible for medical benefits, you can file a claim. After the claim has been processed, you can cover your expenses with compensation benefits from your employer.

Dr. Hamid Reza Mirshojae and his team allocate their efforts towards ensuring you receive the highest quality of medical care without the stress of finance and redundancy of scheduling appointments. 

The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is open every day to serve you if you experience urgent medical problems. We can be contacted at (818) 449-2605 or you can visit us anytime with no appointments required. 

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