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Minor Surgery
Come for Minor Surgery at Our Woodland Hills Clinic

Minor Surgery

When small injuries occur, you have additional options for treatment aside from the ER at the hospital. Minor surgeries provide resolutions to problems that require small tissue repair. The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic provides extensive minor surgery treatments for patients in the Woodland Hills area.

Dr. Mirshojae and his team specialize in a number of procedures that fall within in the realm of minor surgery. These include abscess, mole removal, verrucae, genital warts, burns, warts, lacerations, spider bites, skin infections, and more. Generally, minor surgeries treat a problem more quickly and are less invasive because fewer incisions are required.

Before the surgical procedure, you can elect to have a physical examination of your body to ensure the treatment is correct for the problem you are experiencing. An examination is essential to determine if the problem may be more serious and require major surgical action. After the treatment, you can check for malignancy or cancer risks by having your body evaluated at the local hospital.

A minor surgery is a cost-efficient option in helping you save money and treat less serious injuries with more precision. If you experience a small injury and wish to treat it with a minor surgical procedure, you can visit our clinic at any time. No appointments are required to enjoy our comprehensive and prompt care.

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