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Physical Exam
We Offer Complete Physical Exams to Ensure Your Well Being

Physical Exam Woodland Hills

A physical exam is one of the most valuable ways to take care of your health. The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic based in Los Angeles can provide exams that look at a wide range of medical areas. A prompt examination can be essential in treating current medical problems or prevent against future issues.

When you conduct a physical exam, you are receiving a comprehensive overview of your medical records, history, and body functions. For athletes, actors, or stunt artists, physical exams are an important annual practice for their careers. This can determine if their bodies are prepared for any physically intense action or activity.

A DOT Medical Examination Report is recommended before a general examination. For the physical check-up, your entire medical history will be detailed to look for past occurrences of certain diseases. Dr. Mirshojae and his team will attempt to look for any irregularities or diseases, this may require a urine and blood test.

In addition to helping patients maintain a personal record of their health, exams are also useful for doctors prior to check for complications that may affect future medical procedures. An examination is generally short and the results can be obtained quickly after the treatment. Some important vital signs that the doctor will review include breathing functions, blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate.

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