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Tuberculosis Test
Get Tested for Tuberculosis at the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic

TB Test Woodland Hills

Tuberculosis is a serious infection that spreads through your lungs and can be transmitted through the air via coughing and sneezing. An active infection can lead to symptoms such as chronic cough, vomiting blood, night sweats, fever, and weight loss. The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic provides essential TB tests in the Los Angeles area to check for any current or previous exposure to the disease.

We provide two types of TB testing procedures, which include the standard skin test and the x-ray examination. Our testing materials are effective, precise, safe, and delivered directly from the manufacturer. We provide our tests with the highest concern for your safety, which means your comfort is ensured without compromising the accuracy of the test.

During the test, a TB bacterium is injected into your body and the skin responds to it according to your body’s history of contact with the disease. A second visit to the doctor will be required to assess the results of the test. Any reactions your skin displays will be closely monitored by Dr. Mirshojae and his team.

If the skin inflates or shows a bubble appearance, a TB infection may not be present. Generally, when the skin displays swelling, that could indicate the presence of the disease. The most recommended candidates for a TB test are patients with an HIV infection, pregnant women, or infants. The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic is your convenient walk-in center for TB tests, our services are provided with no scheduled appointments required.

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