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DNA Testing

How is paternity testing performed?
Samples taken from the mother, the child, and the possible (alleged) father are sent to a lab for testing. Some form of positive identification, such as a driver’s license, is required for each person being tested. Each person is photographed as part of the identification procedure.

Sample collection is performed by a trained specimen collector arranged by LabCorp. The sample is typically obtained by inserting a swab into the person’s mouth and rubbing the swab on the inside of the cheek.

Paternity testing is based on identifying genetic information (also called markers) that is passed from biological parents to their child. A child receives half of his or her genetic markers from the mother and half from the father. By matching the test results of the mother and child, the lab determines which genetic markers the mother has passed to the child. It then follows that the father must have passed the remaining markers to the child. If the tested man is found to have the required genetic information, he may be the father of the child. If he does not have the necessary genetic information, he cannot be the child’s biological father.

Note that the mother is an important part of this process, and testing without the mother gives a less informative result. This is why LabCorp recommends that the mother be tested whenever possible.

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Who can order paternity testing?

  1. Child support agencies
    The administration of child support programs varies from state to state. The child support agency will be able to help obtain testing for those who qualify under state and federal guidelines or may provide more information for those who do not meet those guidelines.
  2. Private attorneys* and/or physicians
    Depending on state law, an attorney or physician may order paternity testing on behalf of parties involved in a case by calling Paternity Testing Services at (818) 340-3636 and creating an account.
  3. Immigration
    Woodland Hills Medical Clinic & Urgent Care’s experienced staff can handle request for DNA testing for immigration purposes. Woodland Hills Medical Clinic & Urgent Care is AABB accredited and provides results that are acceptable to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and embassies. Woodland Hills Medical Clinic & Urgent Care can collect specimens in all US territories and coordinate collections in other countries. All testing arrangements are handled by Woodland Hills Medical Clinic & Urgent Care’s specialized staff, who can be reached at (818) 340-3636

Are paternity test results kept private?
Woodland Hills Medical Clinic & Urgent Care will release paternity test results only to the person or agency that ordered the test, to a person designated by the account, or as otherwise required by law.

Why is paternity testing performed?
Paternity testing is performed to find out if a man may be the natural (biological) father of a particular child. Test results may have an impact on legal decisions about child support, child custody and visitation rights, insurance and inheritance claims, and adoption and immigration.

This testing method increases the chance of excluding a man who is not a child’s biological father. Woodland Hills Medical Clinic & Urgent Care current test provides a probability of exclusion greater than 99.9999%. When a man is not excluded, this testing method may provide results that show a high likelihood that he is the father.

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Disclaimer: * Results may vary from person to person

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