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Cardiology is a field of health that encompasses symptoms and problems concerning the heart and chest area. Numerous patients become nervous or anxious when they experience any problems in this area. This is because most medical issues that develop in the chest are commonly mistakenly and associated with heart attacks. Even though not all cardiology issues indicate a heart attack risk, a comprehensive evaluation from the Woodland Hills Medical Clinic & Urgent Care remains a recommended course of action.

We examine the heart for any physical and functional irregularities; this is shown by heart rate statistics and blood pressure. Your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing are checked because they are the most vital statistics in determining if there is a cardiovascular problem.

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The most common and frequent issue in the field of cardiology includes chest pain, which can be caused by a number of factors and not necessarily stem from a risk of heart attack. Chest pain is a result of a number of issues, which include panic attacks, collapsed lung, pleurisy, costochondritis, sore muscles, or injured ribs. Less frequent causes can consist of anxiety, depression, aortic dissection, and systemic hypertension.

Treatments for chest pain can be home-based or provided by a professional source. Medications for chest pain include drugs that can relieve anxiety and pain, reduce acid in your stomach, or remove blood clots.

There are many factors that contribute to Heart attacks and Heart disease but there are many preventative ways to prevent any chance at heart attack or Heart Disease. By eating better,not smoking, checking your blood pressure, and watching your blood sugar levels are just one of the few ways to help lower your chances at Heart Disease or attacks.

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