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Spider Bites

Spider bites can cause anxiety in some patients because of their associations with life-threatening venom. While most spiders possess a bite that is unlikely to threaten your health in the long term, there still exists some species whose bite can provide discomfort and dangerous toxins. Some spider bites can result in symptoms such as joint pain, body aches, spasms, fever, vomiting, and headaches.

Out of all species in the U.S., three stand out for their bites, which produce a number of effects to their victims. These species consist of the black widow, brown recluse, and tarantula.

Tarantulas are the least worrying of the three. They only attack when they perceive a threat and inhabit areas that are far from human contact. Their range includes the southern parts of the country. Their bites however, can produce substantial effects such as skin protrusions, redness, and intense pain.

Brown recluse spiders are one of the more threatening species found in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Kansas. They appear to have a light brown body that grows up to half an inch in length. Their bites result in undesirable symptoms such as ulcers, severe pain, muscle aches, fevers, vomiting, chills, and nausea.

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Another species with a potent venom is the black widow. Although their bite may sometimes be unnoticeable, it can produce serious damage. Symptoms of a black widow bite may include minor swelling, redness, and lesions. After an hour, the pain will be experienced by the entire body instead of the bitten area.

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