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Travel Vaccines Woodland Hills

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Urgent Care Woodland Hills

Our commitment delivers

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The Woodland Hills Medical Clinic provides prompt treatment to medical concerns that require immediate attention. We can help you avoid the long lines and receive the most outstanding care in the area.

We know the importance

and value of your time

We provide our services on an efficient walk-in basis. The wait time at our clinic is low, which means you can receive the finest level of care without sacrificing valuable time. We are open at the most convenient times throughout the year!
Bringing You State-of-the-art Medical Facilities

Operating Room
Our operating rooms are designed to deliver prompt treatment with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. We have a number of rooms available on a walk-in basis.

On-site Laboratory
We have an on-site laboratory that delivers prompt treatments for various medical concerns. You can walk in to our clinic and receive personalized care, results can be delivered through email.

Radiology Support
If you have any medical concerns and seek a comprehensive diagnosis, we can help through our on-site x-ray services.

Clean Environment
We provide urgent medical care using the safest materials and under the most stable environments. Our medical standards are focused on your comfort and convenience.
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Our Doctors

Our extensive range of care covers a number of injuries or medical problems that require immediate attention.

Physical Exam Woodland Hills

We offer annual physical exams, Department of Transit exams, and immigration exams as certified by the Department of Homeland Security.

Vaccine Woodland Hills

Our vaccinations treat various diseases such as influenza, HIV, polio, meningitis, pneumonia, etc.

Common Illnesses

We treat for common allergies, bladder infections, colds, bronchitis, lacerations, UTIs, hemorrhoids, etc.

Injuries and Trauma

Our experienced professionals treat injuries sustained from auto accidents as well as shoulder pain, ankle sprains, whiplash, back pain, etc.

Episodes / Complications

Our dedicated services cover various complications such as allergies, anemia, anxiety, abdominal pain, asthma, arthritis, etc.

Pediatric Care

Our pediatric care covers common diseases and conditions that affect children.

Preventive Screenings

We provide screenings that evaluate and test for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, colorectal cancer, drugs, liver problems, etc.

Diagnostics / Tests

We work with advanced testing procedures to examine blood counts, HIV, influenza, microscopy, hepatitis, full lab panels, etc.